About the Nepean Hotspurs Fan Club

Bringing attention to any sport is important, and part of the responsibility for doing this lies with the fans. For this reason, we as the fans of the Nepean Hotspurs, have risen to the challenge of creating a fan club for this particular club, because we believe in all that it stands for.

Fan Responsibility

The Nepean Hotspurs play a significant role in the community and are an important asset to the sports industry in general. We felt that we as fans have the responsibility to both soccer as a sport, and specifically, as enthusiasts of this particular soccer club. There are many ways that fans and businesses can contribute to the game of soccer. Each of these contributions plays an important role in the sport.

Fan Support

Our choice has been to create a fan site for the Nepean Hotspurs; not only to support the club but to act as a portal where fans can find out more about this team and become part of it in their own way.

What We Hope to Offer

We intend to follow this soccer club, and report back on the highlights, as they present themselves. It is also our goal to create awareness of the club, as it continues to act as a not for profit organisation. This is important not only for the fans but for all those within the community, who wish to participate in this fantastic game, at various levels. We hope that with fan support, that it will serve as our way of showing our appreciation for the Nepean Hotspurs.