Participating in Competitive Try-Outs

Many different events are held by the Nepean Hotspurs, but one of the most exciting is the try-outs. For those that are interested in becoming part of this soccer club, then they will want to be sure they are well prepared, for what they will need to do for the try-outs.

Be Prepared for the Commitment

For those who are successful at the try-outs, they must be aware that they will now have to make a commitment. The Nepean Hotspurs run rigid training programmes, which include the winter training. In many cases, this means players in training must be ready to commit to one to two evenings of training per week, starting in October, up until the end of February. Those who just assume that they can go from the try-outs to gameplay without training will be headed for disappointment.

Tips for Preparing for Soccer Tryouts

For those that are into soccer, a tryout to them is like a test. As such, it can create a high level of excitement mixed with stress. The first step is to get these feelings under control. Then, there are a few other things that can be done to help make the try-out a success.

  • Be prepared: Arriving early, especially if this is your first time for a try-out, will help you to be familiar with the area. It will also give you a welcome chance to meet some of the others that are attending the try-out if you don’t know anyone yet.
  • Don’t try to impress the coaches: If you put too much focus on what the coaches are thinking of you, then you are not concentrating on what your job is, while on the field. Focus on what your strengths are, as this is what you want to showcase.

The competitive try-outs for the Nepean Hotspurs are intense, but making this team will bring you the game satisfaction that you are looking for.