Supporting the Nepean Hotspurs Coach Mentorship Programme

While the Nepean Hotspurs are most recognised for their excellent gameplay, both at recreational and competitive soccer, they are an organisation that has contributed to many other aspects of this game. This is just another one of the reasons why the fan base for the Hotspurs is snowballing.

The Importance of the Coaches

Spectators of soccer games most often put all their attention on the players. What can become forgotten, is that one of the reasons the players are so impressive, is because of the leadership they are exposed to. A good part of this is the coaches. Any soccer league has to be able to rely on coaches, that can bring out the best in the players.

Cultivating Future Coaches

If the game of soccer is to survive at its high standing, and being an important part of the sports industry, then great care needs to be placed on its future. This means making sure that there are highly skilled and qualified coaches ready, willing and able, to take this sport into the future. The Nepean Hotspurs are playing an important role in this, with their creation of the Coach Mentorship Programme.

Coach Support

The Mentorship programme is structured, so it puts those interested in coaching, into the position where they can qualify for their Ontario Soccer Licences. The programme is not only capable of preparing coaches on the provincial level but can open doors for them to get their licence on the national level.

The Mentorship Approach

The programme revolves around preparing coaches, to be able to implement methods structured on three major interventions, which are comprised of audio and visual, as well as kinesthetic. These are applied to different forms of practice for the gameplay.

The Nepean Hotspurs Coach Mentorship programme is an essential component of what this soccer club has to offer.