The Nepean Hotspurs Fan Club

Welcome to the Nepean Hotspurs Fan Club!

This site is a portal for all the great fans that have an interest in this excellent soccer club. It also is meant to act as an encouragement for more fans to become part of what the Hotspurs has to offer.

The Hotspurs is a soccer club that has been in existence for more than forty-five years. It has the mandate of providing access to soccer play both on a recreational and competitive level. The club does not make a profit as an organisation and relies heavily on both the volunteers and its fan base for its success. The club has played an important role in the sporting industry for the community as it offers some excellent opportunities for soccer playing to a variety of age groups as well as genders.

What We Offer as a Fan club

One of our purposes is to keep fans informed as to what is going on in the club but more than that it is our wish to draw attention to what we consider to be an amazing soccer club.

To achieve this, we have started out with some information on very important topics.

The Try-Outs

In order for this soccer club to remain in effect, it has to rely on soccer players who are enthusiastic about the game. We intend to support the try-outs that the Hotspurs offer at different times during the year. The players are the backbone of the club, and we as fans are intent on creating awareness.


As fans, we are most impressed with what this club has to offer by way of soccer education. To highlight this, we have talked about the club’s coaching mentorship programme, as well as education for soccer referees.

Hopefully, as a result of what we have to offer here, you too now will become a fan of the Nepean Hotspurs.