What Makes a Team Player?

There are many different components of a soccer club that a fan will consider. When it comes to the Nepean Hotspurs, their fan base is most pleased with what this club has to offer. One of the notable factors is the level of team play that is so evident in the teams that make up this club.

Team Player Characteristics

Every coach of a soccer team will emphasise the importance of team play which holds true for the Hotspurs coaches.

  • Being Reliable: Every player must realise they play an important role with their team. As such, other team members will rely on this. If a player is not reliable, then it affects the team as a whole. This reliability is not just applicable to when on the field but off it as well.
  • Communication: A team player has to be able to communicate with all members of the club. Not just the teammates but to coaches and management as well. A player who cannot converse with their teammates means that the others are not able to talk with a player and this makes them feel frustrated and uncomfortable.
  • Going the Extra Mile: Some expectations are placed on every individual team player. But, those players that stand out with their teammates are the ones that are willing to go the extra mile. For example, a player that is willing to listen to the concerns of another player. Or, to help a player over a weak spot. Then be understanding when a player may be struggling.
  • Being Active: It is essential that a team player knows how to participate. There are some players who do take on a more active role, but they have to be sensitive to the positions that each team member takes on and respect these.

Team players can offer constructive criticism, but they cannot be judgemental.