Why the Proper Approach to Youth Soccer Is so Important

Sport of any kind plays a vital role in society. It is essential for all age groups, but for youths, the game of soccer can be advantageous to them in many ways. Recently, this is one of the sports that has been under some scrutiny. When this happens, it can be detrimental to soccer clubs like the Nepean Hotspurs for example.

Parental Attitude

Most young people become active in soccer because they develop a passion for the sport. Most players start out with the attitude of enjoying the game and being the best they can at it. But, there are times where parents allow their competitive spirits to take over, to the point where it becomes detrimental for their young ones participating in the game. The attitude becomes one of a win at all costs. When a loss is experienced, because of the parent’s attitude towards this, the young ones do not learn from the loss but take it as their not having performed as well as what they should, or could, have.

Those parents who keep the focus on the benefits of soccer playing, tend to be supportive of the young players, no matter whether a game is a win or loss. This type of positive attitude goes a long way, in allowing the youth to accept their losses, and learn from them. While at the same time, undoubtedly striving to correct any mistakes they may have made when it comes to the next game.

Player Attitude

Young soccer players all will have the same desire to win their games. What is important, is that they realise that the game of soccer is a team sport. Every player has a specific task to do, which includes supporting their team players.

The Nepean Hotspurs is most proud of their team sportsmanship which is part of the reason why this club has received the Ontario Soccer Gold Club Excellence.