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    • How important is CONCACAF Nations League for Canada?

      The CONCACAF Nations League is a football cup within the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF). This Nations League presents an unalloyed opportunity
    • Hotspurs Contribute to Referee Education

      Every soccer club that is successful pay attention to all aspects of the game of soccer. Clubs like the Nepean Hotspurs will go the extra mile
    • About the Nepean Hotspurs Fan Club

      Bringing attention to any sport is important, and part of the responsibility for doing this lies with the fans. For this reason, we as the fans
    • The Importance of Soccer Club Volunteers

      There are many different sports clubs which includes an array of soccer clubs. Clubs like the Nepean Hotspurs rely heavily on volunteers as they are a
    • The Nepean Hotspurs Fan Club

      Welcome to the Nepean Hotspurs Fan Club! This site is a portal for all the great fans that have an interest in this excellent soccer club.
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    • Looking Back at the Hotspurs Memories

      Fans of the Nepean Hotspurs don’t just focus all their attention on what is happening at the moment when it comes to what this excellent soccer
    • What Fans Look for in a Soccer Club?

      Fans are important for a soccer club. Even if a club only supports recreational soccer having fans on the sidelines is important to the team. But,
    • What Makes a Team Player?

      There are many different components of a soccer club that a fan will consider. When it comes to the Nepean Hotspurs, their fan base is most