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Why the Proper Approach to Youth Soccer Is so Important

Sport of any kind plays a vital role in society. It is essential for all age groups, but for youths, the game of soccer can be advantageous to them in many ways. Recently, this is one of the sports that has been under some scrutiny. When this happens, it can be detrimental to soccer clubs like the Nepean Hotspurs for example.

Parental Attitude

Most young people become active in soccer because they develop a passion for the sport. Most players start out with the attitude of enjoying the game and being the best they can at it. But, there are times where parents allow their competitive spirits to take over, to the point where it becomes detrimental for their young ones participating in the game. The attitude becomes one of a win at all costs. When a loss is experienced, because of the parent’s attitude towards this, the young ones do not learn from the loss but take it as their not having performed as well as what they should, or could, have.

Those parents who keep the focus on the benefits of soccer playing, tend to be supportive of the young players, no matter whether a game is a win or loss. This type of positive attitude goes a long way, in allowing the youth to accept their losses, and learn from them. While at the same time, undoubtedly striving to correct any mistakes they may have made when it comes to the next game.

Player Attitude

Young soccer players all will have the same desire to win their games. What is important, is that they realise that the game of soccer is a team sport. Every player has a specific task to do, which includes supporting their team players.

The Nepean Hotspurs is most proud of their team sportsmanship which is part of the reason why this club has received the Ontario Soccer Gold Club Excellence.

Participating in Competitive Try-Outs

Many different events are held by the Nepean Hotspurs, but one of the most exciting is the try-outs. For those that are interested in becoming part of this soccer club, then they will want to be sure they are well prepared, for what they will need to do for the try-outs.

Be Prepared for the Commitment

For those who are successful at the try-outs, they must be aware that they will now have to make a commitment. The Nepean Hotspurs run rigid training programmes, which include the winter training. In many cases, this means players in training must be ready to commit to one to two evenings of training per week, starting in October, up until the end of February. Those who just assume that they can go from the try-outs to gameplay without training will be headed for disappointment.

Tips for Preparing for Soccer Tryouts

For those that are into soccer, a tryout to them is like a test. As such, it can create a high level of excitement mixed with stress. The first step is to get these feelings under control. Then, there are a few other things that can be done to help make the try-out a success.

  • Be prepared: Arriving early, especially if this is your first time for a try-out, will help you to be familiar with the area. It will also give you a welcome chance to meet some of the others that are attending the try-out if you don’t know anyone yet.
  • Don’t try to impress the coaches: If you put too much focus on what the coaches are thinking of you, then you are not concentrating on what your job is, while on the field. Focus on what your strengths are, as this is what you want to showcase.

The competitive try-outs for the Nepean Hotspurs are intense, but making this team will bring you the game satisfaction that you are looking for.

Supporting the Nepean Hotspurs Coach Mentorship Programme

While the Nepean Hotspurs are most recognised for their excellent gameplay, both at recreational and competitive soccer, they are an organisation that has contributed to many other aspects of this game. This is just another one of the reasons why the fan base for the Hotspurs is snowballing.

The Importance of the Coaches

Spectators of soccer games most often put all their attention on the players. What can become forgotten, is that one of the reasons the players are so impressive, is because of the leadership they are exposed to. A good part of this is the coaches. Any soccer league has to be able to rely on coaches, that can bring out the best in the players.

Cultivating Future Coaches

If the game of soccer is to survive at its high standing, and being an important part of the sports industry, then great care needs to be placed on its future. This means making sure that there are highly skilled and qualified coaches ready, willing and able, to take this sport into the future. The Nepean Hotspurs are playing an important role in this, with their creation of the Coach Mentorship Programme.

Coach Support

The Mentorship programme is structured, so it puts those interested in coaching, into the position where they can qualify for their Ontario Soccer Licences. The programme is not only capable of preparing coaches on the provincial level but can open doors for them to get their licence on the national level.

The Mentorship Approach

The programme revolves around preparing coaches, to be able to implement methods structured on three major interventions, which are comprised of audio and visual, as well as kinesthetic. These are applied to different forms of practice for the gameplay.

The Nepean Hotspurs Coach Mentorship programme is an essential component of what this soccer club has to offer.